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A Non-Sex Crazed Man?

Dear Micahceous,

Um, I am a straight female, that is dating a, purported, straight man, yet he never wants to have sex! WTH is up with that?

-You know me

Dear You Know Me,

A straight man that doesn’t want sex? That’s quite a unicorn! I can see the glitter spewing out now. This reminds me of that Sex and the City episode when Charlotte started dating a guy that was purportedly a sex addict but then was later discovered to be on antidepressants, suppressing his sexual appetite much to the dismay of Charlotte. Here’s the problem many straight men make. They assume that because they think or hear that women like romance and don’t wanna hop in the sack that it’s good to be sensitive and not demand sex. But to be honest, women want to get rammed just as much as the next person. So if your man is buying into this mythos that women don’t like to be bent over and given a little smack of the ass, then you need to shake him of it.

Here’s an idea. Put on a tight short dress that hugs your body just right. Show up at his place, get him all warmed up and tell him he can hit it from the back any way that he likes.  If he still insists on not having sex, then you have to decide if he’s for you. Not that sex should be the basis of a relationship, but it’s important and if you’re not feeling fulfilled you either need to deal with this flaw in your relationship or move on from him. I’m sure you can find plenty of guys to feed your carnal lust. Also, maybe you two should try something new to spice things up, like having sex in the ball pit of a Chuck E. Cheese.  Maybe your guy is adverse to the bedroom. Be bold, be daring, I’m sure you have it in you, or want some of it in you anyway.

On a side note, if you really want to stay with him but the sex is lacking, suggest an open relationship. Relationships are about compromise and if he isn’t willing to satisfy you he needs to recognize that you may need to get it from someone else, especially if he isn’t going to change his behavior. Plus the suggestion alone may make him change his ways, especially if you’re serious about it.

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