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Date 02

Note to self: be careful when bars have two for one specials. Doing this date experiment, I am held to say yes to dates. Granted, it hasn’t been as successful as I had hoped but I’m still chugging along. Last week I was at a bar, beer goggles on blast and I met someone who requested my number. Easy peasy. As we texted the next few days I had trouble remembered exactly what they looked like. So come actual date night, I was a tad nervous. We chose to go to Verde, a new Mexican spot downtown that’s quickly become one of my favorite places. I was running a tad late and just knew that they were inside the restaurant somewhere. I walked in, saw someone to the right of me and immediately said hello, thinking it was my mystery date. So wrong I was, as they turned around with a surprised awkward look on their face. Fortunately for me, my real date was cuter, actually cuter than I vaguely remembered. I guess the beer goggles didn’t fully kick in as I had thought.

The date went well. Good conversation and talks of the future, one of my favorite topics. If someone is interested in their own future, whether it’s career or personal or any other field, I’m always intrigued. The unknown excites me. I guess that’s also partially why I did this experiment. Overall, another fun-filled time.

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  1. September 11, 2010 at 18:23

    I wonder what the other person, the one you confused for your date, has in store for the future. That’s hilarious by the way. I want more on this experiment of yours. I guess I’ll have to keep reading.

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