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You Still Remember Me?

Hi Micahceous,

So I was out at a bar the other night and this guy walks up to me and asks if I am who he thinks I am. I respond “yes, why?” and he proceeds to tell me that he chatted with me years ago on connexion, remembers where I went to college, where I was from originally, bla bla bla. It must be like 4 years ago that i chat with him. The guy is … cute but definitely overweight. Seems nice enough but whatever. So then he e-mails me that night with his phone number and that I should call him so I just wrote back “thanks.” He comes back with “what’s your number?” I don’t want to be rude or anything but I don’t really want to hang out with him.It wasn’t like we had any meaningful conversation. So what do you think the next step should be?


Hi there F,

You left quite a mark didn’t you? First of all, weird. Ever stalker should know that you should feign dumb when admitting how much information about your stalkee you have stored in your head. Otherwise it’s clear you’re a stalker! I’m not saying it’s not okay to remember someone some years after the fact, I think that’s normal. It’s one thing to say “I met you at a conference x years ago” versus “you drank three vodka-rum concoctions at X Bar after the seminar session on how to target youth in advertising held by Buzz Killington.”

You have two options: ignore him or be honest and say you’re not interested. I’d go with the latter cause based on his history, the kid can’t take a hint. Plus really, sometimes it’s better to be straightforward. Be honest. Say something like “hey it was nice meeting you. have a good time, take care.” by saying “goodbye” to the kid you’re kinda blowing him off but not entirely.

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