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The red sex

Dear Cary Blackshaw,
I’m a hardcore liberal democrat. I know a person who is a hard core conservative republican and we have nothing in common. However, we have hooked up many times and it is the best sex of my life. Why is it that I’m having the hottest, most mind blowing, toe curling sex ever with someone I can’t stand otherwise? Do republicans just secretly wish to be dominated?
Blue in Arizona

Hi there Blue,

First of all, so sorry for being MIA. Secondly, I must talk politics with you. I’m sure you’ve noticed with the latest debt talks and all how Republicans can be. They aren’t lovey dovey. They are in your face crazy stubborn borderline fools. Which, as a liberal, is the opposite of you.  And as humans, we’re attracted to these individuals who are our polar opposites. I’m sure you’ve seen it in TV shows where the two diametrically opposed forces are also bed-mates (I’m looking at you Jessie and Slater from Saved by the Bell!). Is it sustainable? Probably not because you do need more of a connection. But in the meantime I say go for it!

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