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The Date Experiment

July 27, 2010 2 comments

Starting today, I am taking on a new project. If asked on a date, I will say yes to it. This project will run for 1 month (August 27). Each date will be recorded in the blog, and each person will be assigned a number to protect anonymity.

Why do this? Besides meeting lots of fascinating people, what better way to test out the creative mind than to be thrown into a situation you may or may not have been in before? Sure I’ve been on dates but to accept dates from total strangers? Now that’s something new. And if I can help you laugh or gain insight in the process of dating or life, then so be it.

I have a few rules however.

  1. Because I am currently in Phoenix, all dates must take place in Phoenix. I’m not a balla so if you live in New York or Tokyo, sorry, but the date’s not happening.
  2. I reserve the right to leave the date if  I feel my safety will be compromised.
  3. Be creative. Coffee’s fine and simple but I really want people to test out new material. Want to try that new tofu restaurant? Interested in horseback riding down South Mountain? These are the sort of things I want to see. Try something new, get out of your box. On that note, let’s try to support local businesses.
  4. Related to #1, I’m no balla so dates can’t be expensive affairs. Keep the price tag reasonable.

So you want to go on a date? Use the sidebar on the right to ask me on a date.

Also note that the other functions of my blog, namely the question-advice segment is still alive as well. Please continue to ask questions and I will answer them.

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What Is Kiss and Ride? Part 2

I created this blog/column to discuss dating and life. The main point of this column is to be an advice column (think Dear Abby or Dan Savage) but with a twist of my own. In addition, I will also provide my own anecdotes and stories as we progress.

Questions? Use the widget in the sidebar to ask me questions (subject optional).  Don’t hold back. Ask me anything you want an answer to and I will answer to the best of my ability to help! I will reply with the question in the post with my best response.

Please use an alias or let me know you don’t want your real name used.

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