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Best two out of three

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment


I believe this diagram summarizes the majority of my dating experience, particularly as of late. So sad, but so true. Can you relate?

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The Date Experiment

July 27, 2010 2 comments

Starting today, I am taking on a new project. If asked on a date, I will say yes to it. This project will run for 1 month (August 27). Each date will be recorded in the blog, and each person will be assigned a number to protect anonymity.

Why do this? Besides meeting lots of fascinating people, what better way to test out the creative mind than to be thrown into a situation you may or may not have been in before? Sure I’ve been on dates but to accept dates from total strangers? Now that’s something new. And if I can help you laugh or gain insight in the process of dating or life, then so be it.

I have a few rules however.

  1. Because I am currently in Phoenix, all dates must take place in Phoenix. I’m not a balla so if you live in New York or Tokyo, sorry, but the date’s not happening.
  2. I reserve the right to leave the date if  I feel my safety will be compromised.
  3. Be creative. Coffee’s fine and simple but I really want people to test out new material. Want to try that new tofu restaurant? Interested in horseback riding down South Mountain? These are the sort of things I want to see. Try something new, get out of your box. On that note, let’s try to support local businesses.
  4. Related to #1, I’m no balla so dates can’t be expensive affairs. Keep the price tag reasonable.

So you want to go on a date? Use the sidebar on the right to ask me on a date.

Also note that the other functions of my blog, namely the question-advice segment is still alive as well. Please continue to ask questions and I will answer them.

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The breakup text

July 21, 2010 1 comment

Technology is an amazing thing. It’s changed so rapidly too. From pagers to Zack Morris-style brick phones to phones that record and play HD video, we have moved a long way in how we communicate with others. However with his change in tech has come different ways of approaching dating. Texting has become the norm, a quick way to communicate without uttering a word. It has spoiled us as we become weary of talking on the phone and using our minutes, instead coordinating all of our dealings via text. While convenient, this has opened up a can of worms. Ten years ago no one would have predicted the problem that is texting while driving for instance. This leads me to a rather recent phenomenon that’s sweeping the mobile world: the break-up text.

There’s one rule for breaking up via text: don’t do it. It’s juvenile, shallow, and completely unacceptable. If you can’t take the time to talk to someone you’ve been dating for a period of time and instead want to end it via text, it shows that you didn’t really respect the time you spent with that other person, nor the other person.   It’s just bad news and completely laughable. Plus, if you break-up through text, the person you dated is going to show all of their friends the text and they’ll collectively agree you’re a jackass and lower their opinion of you. It’s not worth the thirty seconds it takes to write the text because you don’t want to feel guilty for what you’re about to do.  It’s better to man up (or woman up) and be upfront about your feelings than hide behind your Blackberry so when you look in the mirror you don’t feel like a jerk.

Image via  Gawker.

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the hunt.

I have been dating a guy for a few weeks now. its casual, but i like, but we haven’t had ‘the talk’. a friend of mine sent me his manhunt profile, which was logged into last week.

how do i handle that?


Dear Jack,

It’s only been a few weeks you say? Then I wouldn’t think too much about him being on manhunt. Here’s the thing about sites like manhunt, adam4adam, grindr, etc. A good 95% of the guys on those sites go on them because they’re bored and have nothing else better to do with their time. It’s a form of people watching. So I can bet that although he signed onto manhunt last week, he probably barely spoke to anyone much less made plans to rendezvous. Besides that though, it’s only been a few weeks so it’s not as if he is stuck to you yet, nor you him. If it’s been 4 or 5 months and he’s meeting other dudes on manhunt, then that’s a red flag. But after a few weeks he doesn’t really have to answer to anyone.

Speaking of a few weeks, it’s a bit soon for ‘the talk.’ I’m assuming by saying “few weeks” you mean 3-4. Wait until at least the two month mark before you decide that you want to become exclusive. By that time you’ll know if it’s infatuation or if it’s the real thing, ideally. Just continue to see him as you always do. The game hasn’t been changed yet.

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