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Addicted to love? Study shows link between romantic rejection and cocaine cravings in brain

Since I write about dating so much, this seemed like a great avenue to share this information. I read the article and thought to myself, “if a breakup is like a coke addiction, then its okay to become really angry over the littlest of things. ” That explains the punch in the wall after your ex wouldn’t give you back your stuff. Does it explain stalking too? Well, paranoia is a trait of cocaine addiction and stalking certainly does fall into paranoia on some levels. Not to justify stalking, but now things are starting to make a tad bit more sense. And for those that like arse, then is a breakup like a crack addiction? And if it is like crack, is it eighteen times worse than a non crack breakup? Better than 100 times, but still, it may not be the same as a cocaine withdrawal.

Maybe Ke$ha was right. Maybe your love is her drug. Literally. Without it she’ll get jittery.

(For the record, I can’t stand Ke$ha and hope to never reference her again in this column.)

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