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Running Circles in love

Last weekend I took a trip to lovely Ann Arbor for a wedding between two very good friends and former track teammates from college.  The wedding itself combined with Irish and Jewish traditions, making for a unique experience. Overall, well done and beautiful. The great thing about weddings is seeing friends you may not otherwise see and catch up on their dating lives, since at weddings really the only thing to talk about is how much you do or do not want to get hitched and the prospects of that happening. At weddings, we see surprise couple pairings, some surprise breakups, and pictures of the new dog as a stepping stone to moving onto babies. One thing I noticed though was the high level of autonomy between the couples. There wasn’t a lot of hanging onto one another. Sure, the wedding acted like a bit of a reunion for all of us, but it often felt like a large group of friends rather than various couples converging. And if I recall, it’s always been that way with couples on the team. Either they don’t like PDA or they just have a unique sense of identity. Are we this way because we all share similar values which led us to attend the same college? Or is it because we all did track? After all, track is probably the most individual team sport there is. We have teams, but the performance is all about the individual. It got me thinking. Are we, as track athletes, more independent in our relationships than say, a football player? We don’t have plays to memorize, just a lot of mental preparation before and during our races and events. When the gun goes off, are we running together or running separately while holding our batons?

Looking forward,  independence in a relationship is something I want. Having been in situations where I both was independent and dependent on a person, I definitely strive for my own autonomy. And really, don’t we all want our own identity, whether single or married? Marriage certainly isn’t in the cards for me yet but anything can happen between now and tomorrow.

Oh and the food was delicious.

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