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Date 01

One of the reasons I’m doing the date experiment is because, as a somewhat newcomer to Phoenix, I don’t know about a lot of places to go out or things to do. So of course I love it when people suggest going to places I’ve never heard of before. So of course my tongue was twirling when 01 asked me out to Vig off of Bethany Home and 16th Street. I thought they said “Fig” or “Bic” or “Vick” but not “Vig.”

Vig has a very nice ambiance. I almost felt like I was in a treehouse. Very high ceilings and the restaurant is enclosed in such a way that, despite being an outdoor patio, it’s designed in a way so that it’s enclosed and thus technically indoors.  We drank beers and chatted, talking about something most pressing for folks our age: careers and our future. Sure, there was a little talk of Lady Gaga but that’s typical given she was in town.The conversation flowed and didn’t seem forced after the first few minutes of awkwardness.

The food arrived and my carne asada pancake was most divine. 01’s tenderloin looked and tasted quite delicious as well. At the end of the date 01 and I had a slight awkward moment when the valet brought my car up and I hesitated as to run towards my car or hug 01.  But all in all, a smooth date without any hiccups. It was a solid first date and a great way to start this experiment.

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