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Middle seat 10B and the marine

August 7, 2010 2 comments

Sometimes I forget we are in the midst of war. I’m currently in Michigan for a wedding (more on that later) and on the flight up I sat next to a marine. He was around my age and was visiting home before being shipped to Afghanistan. I know of friends and family members who know people going into the war zone,but this was the first person I ever met that was going to Afghanistan. I wished him good luck though that may have been a tad insensitive. This guy is fighting for our freedom yet there’s a chance he may not get a chance to enjoy the freedoms I have. We aren’t that different. Hopefully he knows he’s loved by his friends and family. In the end, that’s what matters: love.

I know I’ll never see the marine again but I hope its not because of unfortunate circumstance.

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